What do you need?

We've all been hurt, and we've all developed ways to avoid being hurt again. Unfortunately, those ways of trying to make life work often lead to greater pain, and the ways we try to numb or relieve the pain lead to increased problems with finances, health, jobs, and relationships. Most of us hide our feelings and problems from others until difficulties force us to face them.

If that is where you are in your life, you may be experiencing 1) ongoing sadness and hopelessness along with a feeling of emptiness, 2) high anxiety and fear that controls how you live your daily life, 3) a feeling of being out of control with eating, alcohol, or drug use, 4) an inability to trust anyone, or 5) a conviction that if other people would change, you wouldn't be hurt or angry.

Many of us don't have the words to explain what is happening, especially if we are in a relationship with someone who 1) puts us down, 2) tells us what we are thinking and feeling, 3) denies or minimizes our needs and feelings, 4) uses anger or withdrawal to silence us, or 5) twists what we say until we are so confused we believe they are right and we are wrong.

If you are struggling with any of these situations, or if difficulties in your life are forcing you to face the pain you have hidden or denied, you may want to consider counseling.