Following My Dream

In 1987, I wanted to find a way to encourage others as I had been encouraged by life-giving Bible verses.

Inspired by my love of hearts and Psalm 119:130, “The unfolding of Your Words gives light,” I cut and folded paper until I had designed a tri-fold card with a cut out heart shape for the first panel. I envisioned three panels of artwork for each card that illustrated growth and transformation.

I took a bird drawing class from a local artist, Bruce Levanetz from Kaukauna, only to discover I had no hidden talent. I commissioned Bruce to create the drawings I envisioned. The eight series he designed were even better than I had imagined!

I worked on the messages until I began attending college at the age of 50. In 1994, after graduating from Lawrence University in Appleton, I worked as a writer at JJ Keller, where I met Chris Schudy, a design artist, in a lunchtime Bible study.

Chris caught my vision and offered to colorize the artwork. One Sunday, as we sat at her computer, she turned to me and said, “You should use the space on the back to share what was in your heart when you chose the verse for each card.”

Through the years, I continued to work on the cards. In 2000, the first cardinal card was printed, and I included it with my annual Christmas letter for friends and family to review.

God’s timing wasn’t my timing. He took me on a challenging journey that included moving to Seattle, Washington to attend graduate school when I was almost 60 years old.

Retired from full-time counseling (I still have my part-time private practice in Oshkosh, Hearts Unfolding Counseling), it was time to follow my dream. It is exciting to watch the unfolding of this dream, which includes an amazing story of reconnecting with Chris Schudy (Design4Real) and collaborating again with her on the cards.

I invite you to check out the page on this website with information on my Hearts Unfolding Cards.