Small Groups

* based on Healing the Trauma of Abuse: A Women's Workbook by Mary Ellen Copeland, M.A., M.S., and Maxine Harris, Ph.D.

** based on The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse and The Wounded Heart: A Companion Workbook for Personal or Group Use by Dr. Dan Allender

*** based on To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future by Dr. Dan Allender

Group Start-up

Each time I have at least five people signed up for a particular group, I will begin a new group. In order for trust to develop, groups are closed, which means that after the first session, no one else may join the group.

I will try to meet the needs of the group members in establishing the day of week, time of day, and location for the group to meet. Since it is best that all members attend each meeting, we will be as flexible as possible by choosing to not meet when it is determined a week ahead of time that one or more members cannot attend a given week.

Group work is most effective when each member is also in individual counseling. You may choose individual counseling with me or with another counselor.

Groups cost $25.00 each session and run for 12 weeks.

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. (Psalm 56:8)